Sharh Sahih Muslim by Imam an-Nawawi

المنهاج - صحيح مسلم بشرح النووي

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An essential for any student of knowledge: the unmissable explanation of Sahih Muslim by Imam Nawawi.

This book is a must, as well as Fath al-Bari to Sahih Al-Bukhari, which are the absolute references in terms of explanation of the Sahihayn.

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Sharh Sahih Muslim by Imam an-Nawawi

Edition Egyptian

Matn and Charh are checked from 22 nouskha! (14 manuscripts and 3 printed for Sahih Muslim and 8 and 4 printed for Sharh Nawawi). In addition, there are notes of Dr Abdel 'Adhim al-Badawi, the author of al-Wajiz on certain points of Aqeedah and Fiqh issues, including that or Nawawi returned. So this is a nice respectable publishing quality, safe insha'Allah both the text itself and by the content that is verified and authenticated. 9 volumes, 4143 pages (Dar Ibn Rajab).

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Sharh Sahih Muslim by Imam an-Nawawi

Edition Saudi

Beautiful Saudi edition concentrated of hadith authentication with among others the judgments of hadiths by al-Albani. We also find annotations Mashhoor Hasan Salman from his book "Rebuttal and annotations on this in what fell Imam Nawawi in his Sharh of Sahih Muslim in the interpretation of Attributes and other important issues." A high quality edition, authenticated and secure. 7 volumes, 3721 pages (Dar as-Siddiq).

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Sharh Sahih Muslim by Imam an-Nawawi

Edition Syrian (saudi quality)

Beautiful edition checked from 2 manuscripts 2 edited editions. High quality publishing, referencing of hadith, words of scholars, annotations on the text (difficult expressions, Fawaid, biographies of the personalities mentioned ...). 8 volumes, 5287 pages (Mouassassah ar-Risalah).

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Sharh Sahih Muslim by Imam an-Nawawi

Edition 7 volumes

Lebanese edition of good quality, in 7 volumes, with a complete volume dedicated to the search indexes (verse, hadith, athar, fiqh chapters ...). A beautiful edition at a very good price.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالمنهاج في شرح صحيح مسلم بن الحجاج
Authorالإمام محي الدين إبو زكريا يحيى بن شرف النووي
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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