Tanbih Dhawi al-Hija ila Ma'ani Alfadh Safinat an-Naja - Amjad Rashid

تنبيه ذوي الحجا إلى معاني ألفاظ سفينة النجا - أمجد رشيد

Scholars compose arts texts to serve as a starting point for students of knowledge, and then explain them in order to decipher their meanings and illustrate their issues and benefits. Each epoch has its own explanations that are tailored to its people and address the challenges of the moment.

This is a new, solid and clear commentary written by the scholar, the expert reviewer, Sheikh Dr. Amjad Rasheed, may Allah protect him, on the text of Sheikh Ibn Sumayr’s “Safinat an-Naja’” (the Ship of Salvation), which he called (Tanbih Dhawi al-Hija).

He distinguished himself in this book by using clear, well-articulated sentences, valuable selected excerpts, resolving issues, and concluding the text with the book of Hajj and its explanation.

He began his book's introduction by stating the belief of Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jama’ah, and a brief biography of the Master of the Messengers, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, as well as the reality of polytheism and the confusion in Takfeer rulings.

So this is a blessed and useful explanation for students, in a beautiful edition, with some of the Harakats, and the complete Matn Safinah an-Najah at the end of the book.

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تنبيه ذوي الحجا إلى معاني ألفاظ سفينة النجا
أمجد رشيد
دار الفتح
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