Ghayat Al-Muna bi-Sharh Safinah an-Naja - Muhammad Ba-‘Atiyyah

غاية المنى بشرح سفينة النجا - محمد بن علي باعطية الدوعني

Ghaayat Al-Muna bi-Sharh Safeenah an-Naja - Muhammad ibn Ali Ba-‘Atiyyah Al-Daw’ani Al-Hadrami

It is an extensive explanation of the book (Safeenat-an-Najat feema Yajibu ‘ala l’abd li Mawlaah), by the scholar Sheikh Salem ibn Abdullah ibn Sa’ad ibn Samir Al-Hadrami, may Allah have mercy on him, regarding the acts of worship in the science of Islamic jurisprudence according to the school of Imam Shafi’i, may Allah be pleased with him; in addition to the explanation of the Book of Fasting, which was added by the scholar Muhammad Nawawi Jawi, may Allah have mercy on him, and the book of Hajj, which the author added, may Allah preserve him. Therefore, this explanation comprises of a quarter of the acts of worship.

This blessed explanation was distinguished by clarity of expression, simplicity of its style, solving ambiguous issues, compiling the cautions and regulations that are indispensable to the seeker of knowledge, being keen on mentioning the evidence and justification for the issues contained in the book, clarifying the differences of the two sheikhs Ibn Hajar and Ar-Ramli, branching out issues, extracting benefits and anecdotes, clarifying contemporary issues dealt with in jurisprudential chapters, as well as explaining some of the topics that were not covered by the text, in order to complete the interest.

The book contains 720 pages of medium volume, and it was reviewed by a number of eminent Shafii scholars from Yemen.

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غاية المنى بشرح سفينة النجا
محمد بن علي باعطية الدوعني
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Ghayat Al-Muna bi-Sharh Safinah an-Naja - Muhammad Ba-‘Atiyyah