Al-Manhaj Al-Mufid li-Talab 'ilm Al-Hadith

المنهج المفيد لطلب علم الحديث - سيد عبد الماجد الغوري

To attain any scientific field of study, an accurate systematic approach is necessary, so that it is properly acquired, especially the “Science of the Prophet’s Hadith”, which is considered one of the most important Shari’ah sciences, due to the intensity of its depth, its broadness, and the extension of its horizons. It is not easy to understand, nor learn, except for those whom Allah Almighty has granted success, and so they receive it from qualified scholars or specialized professors, or take a serious scientific approach in light of the instructions and directions of specialists in this science.

This book is a serious attempt to guide students to a clear scientific approach to the acquisition of Hadith Science, which was written by the author in light of the advice and guidance of scholars in this regard. He spoke about the virtue and honour that the student of this knowledge should have, as stated in the Hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) and the sayings of the predecessors (Salaf), as well as the manners and morals that he should have in seeking this knowledge. He stressed the need to follow a scientific approach and mentioned its importance and benefits, using the sayings of the scholars of Hadith. Then he offered the students a scientific approach that would enable him to master this science through its disciplines.

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المنهج المفيد لطلب علم الحديث
سيد عبد الماجد الغوري
دار ابن كثير
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Al-Manhaj Al-Mufid li-Talab 'ilm Al-Hadith