Ar-Rad 'ala al-Jahmiyyah - Imam 'Uthman ad-Darimi (280H)

كتاب الرد على الجهمية للإمام عثمان الدارمي

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A famous book wrote by an imam of Salaf, Uthman ad-Darimi, in rebuttal to the sect of the Jahmiya. With all the harakat.

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Ar-Rad 'ala al-Jahmiyyah - Imam 'Uthman ad-Darimi (280H)

Edition Colour cover

Egyptian edition, verified and authenticated with the harakat in part. Maktaba Islamiya, 240 pages.

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Ar-Rad 'ala al-Jahmiyyah - Imam 'Uthman ad-Darimi (280H)

Edition Leather cover

With a foreword by Sheikh al-Wasabi. Maktabah al-Imam al-Wadi'y, 288 pages. 100% harakat.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالرد على الزنادقة والحهمية
Authorالإمام عثمان بن سعيد الدارمي
HarakatIn Majority or Totality



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