The precious pearls: All you need to know about the Qur'an

فرائد الجمان فيما ينبغي معرفة عن القرآن - عبد الكريم بن عبد العزيز السيف

This is not a book about interpretation or fundamentals of interpretation, nor does it examine the Qur'an's eloquence, syntax, or anything else. It is instead a series of questions and answers about the Holy Qur'an. I have named it “Fara’id al-Juman Fima Yanbaghi Ma’rifatuhu ani al-Qur’an”.

We should bear in mind that Qur'an was not revealed except for us to act on it and examine its verses. “The Qur'an was revealed to be acted upon,” stated Al-Fadl Ibn Ayadh, “but people use its reading as a job.” It was stated: How should we act upon it? He said, “They should make law what is lawful and forbid what is forbidden, obey its commands and avoid his prohibitions, and marvel at its wonders.”

As a result, the ultimate goal for which aspirations and time are expended is to read, contemplate on, memorize, interpret, extract its treasures, and study everything related to the Book of Allah Almighty, and this is only because the Great Qur'an is Allah's Word, which is the most honourable speech. Al-Shatibi stated of the Qur'an, “It has been established that the Book of Allah is the totality of the law, the pillar of religion, the source of wisdom, the sign of the message, the light of vision and insight, that there is no way to Allah except through it, that there is no salvation without it, and do not hold on to anything that contradicts it."

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فرائد الجمان فيما ينبغي معرفة عن القرآن
بد الكريم بن عبد العزيز السيف
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The precious pearls: All you need to know about the Qur'an