The Sciences of the Holy Qur’an (Ulum al-Quran) - Dr Nur al-Din 'Itar

علوم القران الكريم - د. نور الدين عتر

The Sciences of the Holy Qur’an by Dr. Nur al-Din Itar

The author, Sheikh Nur al-Din Itar, said in the introduction: “This book clarifies the source of this Divine Qur’an, its revelation for our guidance, the principles of its interpretation, and the necessary sciences and studies required for a good understanding of it. The miraculousness of this Qur’an is apparent in its articulation and the marvels of its meanings and contents. The heart of the reader is warmed by the sweetness of certainty in the Book of Allah, and the sincere belief in the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s Peace and Blessing be upon him, supported by clear evidence and definitive arguments.

In addition, I have clarified in it all that was ambiguous to some writers, and corrected what was erroneous to some of the obstinate ones, whether they were foreigners, orientalists, or their followers among our people who imitated them.

I would like to emphasise that every Muslim needs this book, so if you feel something in your heart, go back to this book and read it, you will find the comfort of faith in your heart. Do not forget to invite to it whom you love and whom you want to bring closer to the Book of Allah, because it increases and consolidates certainty in the Book of Allah the Almighty.”

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علوم القران الكريم
د. نور الدين عتر
دار السلام
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The Sciences of the Holy Qur’an (Ulum al-Quran) - Dr Nur al-Din 'Itar