Al-Jumlah al-'Arabiyyah, Ta-lifuha wa Aqsamuha - Fadil As-Samarani

الجملة العربية تأليفها وأقسامها - فاضل صالح السامرائي

In this book there is a set of rules of (the Arabic sentence), its composition and its connection with the meaning. The Arabic sentence consists of two basic pillars: the Musnad (predicate) and the Musnad ilayh (subject), and they are the two cornerstones of the speech. The Arabic sentence has elements, the most important of which are: the singular, the morphological form, the partial composition, the complete composition, and the phonemic tone.

This book also seeks to tackle: deletion in the Arabic sentence; what is required and what is permissible; the standard deletion and the unwritten deletion; what is required for a specific assumption and what is not required; that the meaning of which is agreed upon and that which is not; the deletion required by the meaning which is required by the syntactic form; the deletion that denotes one meaning and that which denotes more than one meaning, according to the discretion.

It also discusses the purposes of deletion, which include concision (or brevity) and abbreviation when establishing evidence, and doublespeak , taking into account the Saj’ (سجع, a form of rhymed prose) and commas, widening and figurative, the augmentation and exaggeration, as well as other topics related to the nominal and verbal sentence, the major and minor sentences, the informative and the constructive, the spoken sentence, the one which is syntactically correct and the one which is syntactically incorrect, within many Qur’anic and poetic evidence to support it. 

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الجملة العربية تأليفها وأقسامها
فاضل صالح السامراني
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