Nataaij Al-Fikr fi Nahwi - Abu al-Qasim as-Suhayli

نتائج الفكر في النحو - أبو القاسم السهيلي

Al-Suhaili mentioned in the introduction to this “Nataa’ij Al-Fikr” (the results of thought), and said, “Our intention is to arrange them as chapters as in the book “Al-Jumal,” to incline people’s hearts to it. It may be understood from this phrase that the book “Nataa’ij al-Fikr” is an explanation of the book “Al-Jumal”, but it is not in the idiomatic sense of the word. The most that can be said about the relationship of the book “Nataa’ij Al-Fikr” with “Al-Jumal” is that it contains a commentary on some issues referred to by the author of “Al-Jumal”, but it was made according to the arrangement of the chapters of “Al-Jumal” as mentioned, not in the sense that he listed all of them and commented on them, but rather in the sense that he adhered to the order of the sentences in what was attached to them.

Al-Suhaili had a special view of what he mentioned of grammatical issues away from differences and other opinions; he had his own opinion in which he has recorded his grammatical doctrine. The book tells you about his issues and informs you about the view of Al-Suhaili the narrator/theologian, and you can notice that in the discussion about the “name” and the “specified”, and how Al-Suhaili, with his knowledge, unveiled that issue.

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نتائج الفكر في النحو
أبو القاسم السهيلي
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Nataaij Al-Fikr fi Nahwi - Abu al-Qasim as-Suhayli