The Formation of the Linguistic Faculty - Bashir Essam El Marrakchi

تكوين الملكة اللغوية - البشير عصام المراكشي

Because the Arabic language is the primary and essential passage for the speech of revelation addressed to the Mukallaf (i.e. a legally competent and responsible person), and because the quality of receiving through it an understanding and awareness of the connotations and intent is the first step to improving the practical applications of the true Shari’ah discourse.

And because the Arabic language was established in the Arabs' environment in a natural disposition and well-trained manner, and its rules were rooted through the extrapolation of the Arabs’ historical tongue, as well as the discourse of legal and idiomatic revelation, and because the lived reality with its problems and setbacks produced a gap, vagueness and invisibility in writing, and lack of eloquence in speech for the Arabs, with their language, and the state of civilizational dependence on the West has uprooted the most specific characteristics of the Ummah and its most fortified fortress; that is the Arabic language.

The NAMA Center provides, as part of the "Takween" series, this study in which the author aimed to frame a practical plan to restore the role of the Arabic language in our society and civilized process. In the folds of the research, he monitored the points of failure that afflicted the incubators of teaching the Arabic language, and he also charted a practical and scientific path for the development of individual linguistic faculties, through the levels and branches of grammatical, morphological, rhetorical, and literary linguistic sciences, with an indication of aspects of application and training.

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تكوين الملكة اللغوية
البشير عصام المراكشي
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The Formation of the Linguistic Faculty - Bashir Essam El Marrakchi