Salah Ad-Din (Saladin) - Shakir Mustafa

صلاح الدين: الفارس المجاهد والملك الزاهد المفترى عليه

When Salah Ad-din lived 800 years ago, in the late sixth century AH, the twelfth centuries AD, his name sounded like a big storm. Like a great eagle, this name swept across the entirety of Islam and the West. No Muslim heart remains on earth that did not cheer for him, and no heart remains in the West that does not shudder in dread of him. Even those whose views and teachings he had demolished waited for him to pass away in order to try to discredit him in some way.

One may ponder what it means to attack and attempt to destroy a noble symbol that came before us. Or do you strive to destroy it without considering the time, the situation, the conditions that have passed, or the reality of the contemporary Zionism conflict? As though we had completed fixing everything and this monument was the last thing left to be demolished!

This book is neither a reaction nor a starting point for a debate on a topic where the rule ended 900 years ago. Its sole purpose is to examine Salah ad-Din, the man, the politician, the strategic leader, and the Islamic hero, in the context of his time and within the parameters of that time - its conditions and notions. So, if this book can refute slander, expose misguidance, or reveal the truth, that is sufficient. The area of history is the rulings of existence, and there are a thousand and one judges for the rulings of values; or do we want our heroes or some humans to be superhuman?

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صلاح الدين: الفارس المجاهد والملك الزاهد المفترى عليه
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Salah Ad-Din (Saladin) - Shakir Mustafa