Al-Mumti' al-Kabir fi at-Tasrif - Ibn 'Usfur Al-Ishbili (669H)

الممتع الكبير في التصريف - ابن عصفور الإشبيلي

Dozens of books have been devoted to the topic of morphology, dealing with its subject and its materials by various means and methods. Until the Seventh century AH, there were abundant books on the subject, full of dry texts and footnotes and lengthy and elusive explanations. This led people to describe this science as harder than syntax and difficult for the students and teachers alike. This book transcends the history of its time and is an introduction for clarity, eloquence and simplicity.

However, when Ibn ‘Uṣfūr took up this scientific field he was able to breathe in it his Andalusian breath, paint it with the colours of simplicity, smoothness and purity. He collected all the morphological material which is needed by every student, researcher or author, and presented it in an easy educational method, establishing a friendly dialogue between himself and his readers, involving them in the formulation of results and information, and exploring their questions and problems, related to the subject, its elements, principles and rules.

Therefore, scholars were so impressed by this valuable book that Abu Hayyan an-Nahwi used to take it with him in all his travels, and collected the various copies.

Very serious edition, authenticated from 3 manuscripts.

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الممتع الكبير في التصريف
ابن عصفور الإشبيلي
مكتبة لبنان ناشرون
Checking and preparation
د. فخر الدين قباوة
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Al-Mumti' al-Kabir fi at-Tasrif - Ibn 'Usfur Al-Ishbili (669H)