Fath al-Qadeer (Imam Shawkaanee's Tafseer)

فتح القدير للإمام الشوكاني

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Finally the famous Tafsir of Imam Ash-Shawkaani entitled Fath al-Qadir. This Tafsir is highly recommended by our contemporary scholars it contains particular linguistic and grammatical explanations of verses.



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Fath al-Qadeer (Imam Shawkaanee's Tafseer)

Edition Egyptian

Egyptienne Edition in 5 large volumes pleasant to read, with all the references and authentication of hadiths.

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Fath al-Qadeer (Imam Shawkaanee's Tafseer)

Edition Lebanese (saudi quality)

Superb edition of Fath al-Qadir, very good print quality in 5 volumes. Text verified from the Dar Kutub Misriya manuscript, authentication of hadith, referencing of athars, beneficial annotations on certain terms and proper names.

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Fath al-Qadeer (Imam Shawkaanee's Tafseer)

Edition 1 volume

Lebanese edition, al-Risala al-Alamiya, in 1 very large volume of more than 2000 pages! Good quality editing and printing. Simple editing without annotations or authentication.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleفتح القدير الجامع بين فني الرواية والدراية من علم التفسير
Authorالإمام محمد بن علي الشوكاني
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)


Par (Glienicke, Germany) le29 Jan. 2018 (Fath al-Qadeer (Imam Shawkaanee's Tafseer)) :

Very useful

One of the most important tafasir. Great Quality , great tartib from language issues to ahadith, also important because its tahqiq.

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