Mukhtasar Khalil - Harakat (Fiqh Maliki)

مختصرالعلامة خليل

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One of the most important and most studied texts of the Madh-hab Maliki, the Mukhtasar Khalil.

100% harakat.

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Mukhtasar Khalil - Harakat (Fiqh Maliki)

Edition Paperback

Pocket size (10x15cm), leather effect cover, semi-rigid, 322 pages.

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Mukhtasar Khalil - Harakat (Fiqh Maliki)

Edition Large size

Full and very serious authentication of the Moukhtasar al-Khalil.
Large format (17x24cm), 419 pages, with simplified annotations.
Tahqiq et Ta'liq : ألب ولد المصطفى

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمختصرالعلامة خليل
Authorالعلامة خليل
Editionدار ابن حزم
HarakatIn Majority or Totality


Par (Conley, United States) le31 Dec. 2017 (Mukhtasar Khalil - Harakat (Fiqh Maliki)) :

Classic Text

This is a classic test in Maliki Fiqh. SifatSafwa has great quality.

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