Manasik al-Hajj (Pilgrimage rituals) by Imam Khalil

مناسك الحج - الإمام خليل بن إسحاق الجندي

The book “Mansik Khalil” or “Manasik al-Hajj” by the famous jurist and scholar, Sheikh “Abu al-Mawaddah Khalil ibn Ishaq ibn Musa al-Jundi al-Masri, famously known as Sheikh Khalil, the author of the famous al-Mukhtasar (d. 776 AH)”, is considered one of the most important books of Maliki jurisprudence, exclusively on the Hajj rituals, which is one of the five pillars of Islam; but the importance of this book lies in the status of its author: Sheikh Khalil is one of the prominent imams of the madhhab who were famous for their well edited compilations.

The contents of the book “Manaasik Sheikh Khalil” are divided into seven chapters. The first: the virtue of Hajj, its obligation, the etiquette of travel, the times of Hajj, and the ruling on the actions that occur during the pilgrimage. The second: Ihram, its rituals, aspects, and prohibitions. The third: Entering Makkah, the actions of Hajj from beginning to end, and explaining its pillars, highly recommended and voluntary acts, and the pilgrimage of the boy and the slave. The fourth: The subsequent and eventual acts of Hajj; the prohibited acts, hiring someone to perform it on one’s behalf, the provisions of Umrah, and the farewell circumambulation. The fifth: Residing in Makkah and the rules related to it, the Haram (sanctity of the City), the Haram Mosque, the Kaaba (House of Allah) and what is related to that. The sixth: visiting the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in Madinah. The seventh: visiting Al-Quds and Al-Khalil, peace be upon him, in Palestine. It should be noted that the book contains important warnings on many prohibited matters that pilgrims fall into.

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مناسك الحج
الإمام خليل بن إسحاق الجندي
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Manasik al-Hajj (Pilgrimage rituals) by Imam Khalil