Sharh Safinat as-Salah - Muhammed Al-Ahdal (Fiqh Shafii)

شرح سفينة الصلاة - محمد عبد الرحمن الأهدل

This book is an excellent explication of the text of "Safinat as-Salah," a concise text on prayer decisions according to Shafi'i jurisprudence. It has benefited many people.

Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Shumaila al-Ahdal, the commentator, took care of the explanation by mentioning the facts and explaining the logic, therefore he did a superb job and fulfilled what was planned. Then he detailed the issues and explained the goals, referring to the recognized Shafi'i jurists' sayings and without addressing differences of opinion save on rare occasions.

As for the book, it includes an introduction about the foundation of belief, followed by the rulings of prayer in particular and what is related to it. They are: the status of prayer in Islam, on whom it is obligatory, its conditions, how to clean oneself after defecation, ablution and its merit, obligations, abominations and its contradictions, and washing, its obligations and prescribed washings, prayer times, and what is related to facing the Qiblah, the pillars of prayer which are nineteen pillars, and the divisions of its pillars are: heartfelt, verbal, and actual; those that invalidate prayer which are twelve, and what is disliked for prayer, how to pray, and humility in prayer, the remembrances after the prayers, the Sunnahs that follow the obligatory prayers, the Witr prayer, the Duha prayer, and other important issues.

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شرح سفينة الصلاة
محمد عبد الرحمن الأهدل
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Sharh Safinat as-Salah - Muhammed Al-Ahdal (Fiqh Shafii)