101, The Secret of Arius - Jihad Al-Turbani

101 سر أريوس - جهاد الترباني

The novel “101 Secret of Arius” is written by Jihad Al-Turbani.

We have reached the second part of the series 101, presented by the creative Palestinian writer Jihad Al-Turbani. We continue, here, with Abdulaziz and Nidal, who are constantly seeking to solve the secrets and mysteries. After succeeding in discovering the secret of Barbarossa, thinking that they came to the conclusion of their search, they were then surprised that Barbarossa’s journey was nothing but a prelude to entering into this new mystery. Indeed, they subsequently started a new search for another secret, which is the history of the Arians in relation to Arius, a Christians priest that refuse the new dogma of the strongly the deified nature of Jesus, which was subjected to unrivalled attempts for concealment and obliteration by the Church.

We will find ourselves talking about the “New Assassins” and “John’s pirates”, and go on a journey to learn about early Christianity, the history of Arius himself, detailing his doctrine that the Arians have followed. There is also reference to the most prominent figures affected by the Arius faith, the beginning of the conflict between Christianity of the Church and Christianity of Arius, the genocide attempts faced by the Arians, the involvement of the Roman emperors, and many other details. The author has also explained to us some symbols, such as the Enigma code, the puzzle of the letter X, Newton’s relationship with the Prophet’s (may Allah’s Prayers and Peace be upon him) message to Hercules, and other important historical topics.

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101 سر أريوس
جهاد الترباني
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101, The Secret of Arius - Jihad Al-Turbani