Madrassah Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) - Jihad Al-Turbani

مدرسة محمد - جهاد الترباني

School of Muhammad is a book written by Jihad Al-Turbani; it is a collection of texts that talk about some aspects of the biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the lessons learned from his life, such as dealing with women and children, dealing with people of the book and polytheists, protecting the environment and being kind to animals.

The book takes you to another world to reflect on the Prophet’s biography, may Allah’s Blessings and Peace be upon him, and how he dealt with the various issues that went through in his life and the situations that he faced, whether between him and Muslims or between him and his people, and their torture and fight against him.

The book also tells us how the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s Blessings and Peace be upon him, set an example for us in terms of persistence, defiance, perseverance and hope. His life, peace be upon him, was full of sad and difficult events from his birth until his death. He grew up an orphan after his father died, then his mother died, and his grandfather joined her. After his marriage, his two sons died, his people fought against him, he lost his wife and uncle in one year, and he was expelled by the leaders of Ta’if when he tried to seek their help. In Madinah the Muslims were betrayed by the Jews.

This book is one of our books for the general public, it contains general reminders, but it is not an academic book. Its modern literary style is suitable for reading by non-specialists and is more like a novel than a specialized technical book written by a scholar.

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مدرسة محمد
جهاد الترباني
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Madrassah Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) - Jihad Al-Turbani