Operation 101 - Jihad Al-Turbani

العملية 101 - جهاد الترباني

The novel "Operation 101" written by Jihad Al-Turbani marks the 5th and final book in the series.

A new adventure with our hero Nidal, the young historical researcher, and various historical stories in a beautiful and simple style, and interesting events about Operation 101 that Nidal and his companions will carry out against the new Hashashin.

Who are the new junkies, what is their relationship to the Vandal treasure, and what are the details of Operation 101? This is what we will know in the novel.

The historical stories in the novel are diverse, some of them are about the Hashshashin organization and their history, some are about Nazism, the Persians and the Romans, and some are from the biography, including stories I have not heard of before.

Some of these stories are also about the history of beloved Iraq, its ancient civilization and its role in building human civilization.

Also during our trip, the writer accompanies us with the story of Al-Muthanna bin Al-Harithah Al-Shaibani, one of the greatest Muslim leaders, and tells us the story of his conversion to Islam and his eternal battles with the Persians, which were a wonderful example of courage and strength.

Along with the story of Al-Muthanna bin Al-Harithah, the writer also tells us some of the biography of Saifullah Al-Masloul, Khaled bin Al-Walid, may God be pleased with him, and tells us about his battles with the Persians and Romans and the genius plans he used in his battles against them...

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العملية 101
جهاد الترباني
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Operation 101 - Jihad Al-Turbani