5 Risala on the Hadith Da'if and its status

مجموع رسائل في بيان الحديث الضعيف

A collection of 5 contemporary rare epistles (from the last century) on the Hadith Da'if in Islam. Indeed, there are 3 opinions concerning the use of weak hadiths:

  • The total ban, regardless of the subject, is the opinion of Cheikh al-Albani and Cheikh Ahmad Shakir.
  • The permission (under conditions) for legal advice, good works and virtues - is the opinion of Imam Ahmad, Abu Hanifah, Abu Dawud and it is also reported by Imam Malik.
  • The permission (under conditions) for good works and virtues - this is the opinion of the majority of scholars of all tendencies and schools.

Here is the list of the authors of 5 Risalah, all entitled "Risalah fi Mushkil al-Hadith ad-Da'if":

  1. Abdulhay al-Luknawi (1304H) - Muhaddith Hanafi
  2. Zafar Ahmad al-Uthmani (1394H) - Savant Hanafi
  3. Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari (1371H) - the last Mufti (Hanafi) of the Ottoman Empire
  4. Tahir al-Jazairi (1338H) - Mufti of the Malikites of Damascus
  5. Shabir Ahmad Usmani, (1369H) - Savant Hanafi

Very beautiful edition verified, annotated, with the biographies of each author.

This collection is useful for the confirmed student seeking to know the status of Hadith Da'if among the great Asharis scholars who are references to most Asharis brothers in the world.

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مجموع رسائل في بيان الحديث الضعيف لخمسة من كبار الفقهاء المحدثين في العالم الإسلامي
دار ابن حزم
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بشير ضيف بن أبي بكر الجزائري
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5 Risala on the Hadith Da'if and its status