A'lam min at-Tarikh - Shaykh Ali al-Tantawi

أعلام من التاريخ - علي الطنطاوي

A’laam min at-Tarikh (Some Prominent Figures In Islamic History), by Ali Tantawi

This is a book by the Syrian scholar from Damascus Ali At-Tantawi; it includes seven parts, titled as follow:

As-Sahabi (the Companion) Abdul Rahman ibn ‘Awf

At-Tabi’i (the Follower) Abdullah ibn Al-Mubarak

Al-Qadi Shurayk An-Nakha’i

Imam An-Nawawi

Sayyid Ahmad ibn 'Irfan Shaheed al-Berelwi

Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (the last two parts of the collection have been exclusively dedicated to him).

Some of these pamphlets have exceeded the boundaries of personal biography, even in covering a broad topic in a few paragraphs and present it to us in a clear and brief manner.

Whoever reads the book “Ahmed bin Irfan the Martyr” will not only discover this outstanding personality in the history of India and the history of Islam, but will be almost familiar with the history of Islam in India or a large part of it in quick, clear glimpses, starting with the entry and spread of Islam to India, and ending with the jihad movement led by Ahmed ibn Irfan against the Sikhs and the English.

Likewise, the one who reads “Al-Qadi Shurayk” will find himself acquainted with the Islamic judiciary, its art, its origin and its status in Islam. Reading the book “Imam An-Nawawi'', on the other hand, is an opportunity to get familiar with many of the sources of Imam Ash-Shafi’i’s jurisprudence and his books.

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أعلام من التاريخ
الشيخ علي الطنطاوي
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A'lam min at-Tarikh - Shaykh Ali al-Tantawi