Ash-Sharh wal-Ibanah (Al-Ibanah as-Sughra) Ibn Battah

الشرح والإبانة / الإبانة الصغرى ـ الإمام ابن بطة

The book “Ash-Sharḥ wal Ibānah”, by Imam Ibn Battah al-Akbari, is one of the abridged books of the Sunnis in the chapters of the Sunnah, belief, worship and ethics. It is also known as (al-Ibānah as-Sughrā) to distinguish it from his other book (al-Ibānah 'an shari'at al-firqah al-nājiyah wa-mujānabat al-firaq al-madhmumah) also known as (al-Ibānah al-Kubrā).

And the book al-Ibānah al-Kubrā is not an alternative to the book al-Ibānah as-Sughrā, while the latter is not an abridged version of the first, as presumed by some people, but rather an independent book, as evidenced by the presence of Hadiths, traditions and chapters that are not found in al-Ibānah al-Kubrā.

It is a book of great value and benefit. The author, Ibn Battah, may Allah have mercy on him, explained that he had written the book after noticing people’s distancing and non-adherence to the Sunnah, the spread of heresies and the taking of ignorant and misguided people as leaders and imams in the religion. This in fact prompted him to compile a short book to remind people of the Sunnah and the obligation to adhere to it in the manner of the righteous predecessors of this nation, and warn them about heresy and misguided whims.

Edition verified by the Muhaqqiq 'Adil al-Hamdan from several manuscripts. Latest edition revised and augmented, checked from 2 manuscripts.

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الشرح والإبانة على أصول السنة والديانة ومجانبة المخالفين ومباينة أهل الأهواء المارقين وهو المعروف بـ الإبانة الصغرى
الإمام ابن بطة العُكبري
دار اللؤلؤة
Checking and preparation
عادل بن عبد الله آل حمدان
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