Bustaan al-'Aarifeen by Imaam an-Nawawi

بستان العارفين - الإمام النووي

Bustan Al-‘Arifin is a book pertaining to asceticism, softening of hearts, piety and purification of the heart and soul by the Sayings of Allah and His Messenger, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him, the statements of his Companions, as well as many quotes from the great Awliya’ (those devoted to Allah) and people of knowledge.

Because this world is a mortal existence and not eternal, an abode of transit and not of joy, and an abode of impermanence and not of immortality, the Noble Qur’an has warned us against relying on it and be deceived by it, as well as the Prophet’s Hadiths and wise sayings of the Salaf Salih. That is why the most intelligent people in this world are the worshippers and the most reasonable in it are the ascetics. Imam An-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy upon him, said: “Human being must really follow the path of the wise, and adopt the doctrine of the insightful.”

The book’s author - an expert critic - mentions a collection of valuable matters that soften the heart and facts of knowledge, in a composed manner that distances his readers from boredom. Bustan Al-‘Arifinis based on the Verses of the Qur’an, the Prophet’s Hadiths, and the sayings of the first generations (Salaf Salih) and eminent later people.

Excellent Saudi edition, verified from manuscripts, great layout, most of Harakats, referencing of the Hadeeth.

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بستان العارفين
الإمام النووي
دار المنهاج
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