'Urubah al-'Ulama al-Mansubin ila Buldan al-A'jamiyah - Naji Ma'ruf

عروبة العلماء المنسوبين إلى البلدان الأعجمية - د.ناجي معروف

Among the generalities often admitted and spread in the community, is the fact that a large part of the scholars of Islam were of non-Arab origin (Khurasan in particular). It is a frequently conveyed image that among the greatest Imams of Hadith or Fiqh of the Ummah, their greatest defenders were sometimes "foreigners", i.e. non-Arab.

Although their origin does not change their merit or deed, the historian and biographer Dr Naji Ma'ruf, with his knowledge, has written this book to set the record straight on many of the Ulema who, although from non-Arabic lands, were in fact of Arab origin.

The Arabness of Scholars from Foreign (non-Arab) Countries is a unique work, which aims to be accurate about the geographical expansion of the Ummah and the biographies of the Ulema, explaining the reasons for the error in attributing nationality to some of them and the reasons for the presence of Arab families in those countries. This book is also an interesting collection of biographies.

Beautiful edition in 2 volumes, prepared and annotated by the great Muhaqqiq and historian Bashar Ma'ruf.

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عروبة العلماء المنسوبين إلى البلدان الأعجمية
د.ناجي معروف
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بشار عواد معروف
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'Urubah al-'Ulama al-Mansubin ila Buldan al-A'jamiyah - Naji Ma'ruf