I'lam al-Isabah bi A'lam as-Sahabah - Imam al-Khalili al-Maqdassi

إعلام الإصابة بأعلام الصحابة (مختصر كتاب الاستيعاب في معرفة الأصحاب)

This book by Imam Muhammad ibn Ya'qub al-Khalili is a summary of the Hafidh of the Maghreb, Ibn Abd al-Barr and his immense work, "al-Isti'ab fi Ma'rifah as-Sahab". This book is one of the first biographies of the Sahabas. The methodology of the work consists of recalling who brought back from this Companion, as well as some prophetic narratives brought back by the latter. He also quotes their age and death and classifies the Sahabas in alphabetical order, as will be repeated after him by several historians or Muhaddith such as ibn al-Athir or ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. Al-Isti'ab is therefore a very important work in his field.

This summary is an improved version of the book “Al-Isti’āb”, by adding some biographies, such as Al-Mustadrak and Al-Mudhayyal, and mentioned only the essential aspects in the biography of each Companion without any breaching. He has added a scientific verification approach, such as checking thoroughly the facts regarding some Companions, and introducing some biographical and Hadith benefits that covered many paragraphs of the book, which made it one of the abridged books on the biographies of the Companions.

The book of Imam al-Khalili is of great significance, as it includes nearly 5000 names of the Companions, more than what is mentioned in its original book, “Al-Isti’āb”, which added more value to the importance of its study and publication.

This book includes nearly 3000 of the Prophet’s Hadiths, which the scholar had thoroughly studied and scrutinized, so that the book can provide a comprehensive scientific service.

Published for the first time in a very large volume of + 1100 pages, with the Harakats on some names.

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إعلام الإصابة بأعلام الصحابة (مختصر كتاب الاستيعاب في معرفة الأصحاب)
محمد بن يعقوب الخليلي المقدسي
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I'lam al-Isabah bi A'lam as-Sahabah - Imam al-Khalili al-Maqdassi