Sina'at At-Tafkir Al-Aqadi - Sultan Al-'Amairi

صناعة التفكير العقدي - سلطان بن عبد الرحمن العميري

Issues of religious devotion and striving to improve the tools of understanding it, controlling research processes in it, renewing its deductive methodology, developing ways of judgement and arguing with opponents, and methods of teaching it, are all matters that must be taken into account and paid attention to in this modern era, especially with the weak educational attainment, the diversity of schools and theological trends, and the large number of errors that contradict the correct scientific methodology. In an effort to address these manifestations, and in order to improve knowledge of Aqidah in its various fields, this book “Sina’at At-Tafkir Al-Aqadi” came to light. It was discussed by innovative researchers and authors, who have years of experience in writing on a number of important methodological issues, starting with the issue of original doctrines of Shari'ah and documentation, passing through the doctrinal inference approach and the methods  of response, dialogue and debate, and ending with the issues of the Islamic fundamentals, which are the Qur’an, the purified Sunnah, and consensus.

This book is a systematic and fundamental vision that seeks to reach a high degree of perfection, clarity and accuracy through research and doctrinal study.

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صناعة التفكير العقدي
سلطان بن عبد الرحمن العميري
تكوين للدراسات والأبحاث
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Sina'at At-Tafkir Al-Aqadi - Sultan Al-'Amairi