The Gift to the Intelligent for Refuting the Arguments of the Christians

تحفة الأريب في الرد على أهل الصليب - عبد الله الترجمان الميورقي

The Gift to the Intelligent for Refuting the Arguments of the Christians - Abdullah At-Tarjuman, the Majorcan.

This book is written by a former priest called “Anselm Turmeda” and after his conversion to Islam he changed his name to “Abdullah At-Turjuman,” may Allah have mercy on him and accept it in his good deeds.

This book is considered one of the most important books in the field of comparative religion, and a significant reference for preachers and those seeking knowledge of the Christian religion.

Its presentation is easy; its words are simple and uncomplicated. It contains 148 pages. Sheikh Abdullah At-Turjuman started his book by talking about his upbringing and learning of Christian sciences, then the stated the reason for his conversion to Islam, his departure to Tunisia, and his service to the Commander of the Faithful, Abu Al-Abbas Ahmed Ibn Faaris, then his son, Abu Faaris Abdul Aziz, and the good graces that were bestowed upon him. He then proceeded to refute the religion of Christianity and to prove the virtue and superiority of the religion of Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him.

The book was published in 823 AH. Ironically, his manuscript remained in limbo. The first time it was published was by non-Muslims in 1885 AD in the magazine (History of Religions) in Paris, may Allah hasten to conquer it, and it continued to be published in the West, while Muslims were in oblivion and disorientation until it was brought to light by Dr. Mahmoud Ali Himayah in 1983. Unfortunately, it did not last long and soon it was banned from publication, so there is currently no copy until this new reprint, elhamdulillah.

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تحفة الأريب في الرد على أهل الصليب
عبد الله الترجمان الميورقي
دار البشائر الإسلامية
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The Gift to the Intelligent for Refuting the Arguments of the Christians