Tuhfat al-Yaqin fi Sifat 'Uluw Allah ala Al-'Aalamin - Ammar Khanfar

تحفة اليقين في صفة علو الله على العالمين - د. عمار خنفر

The issue of the Attribute of Allah’s Transcendence over His Throne (Al-'Ulu) is one of the greatest and most controversial issues of Faith throughout Islamic history. This book is a unique and comprehensive study on all aspects of the legal, linguistic and philosophical Attribute of Allah’s Transcendence.

The author starts by mentioning the evidence from the Quran, the Sunnah and the sayings of the righteous predecessors among the Companions, the Followers, and the early scholars (with Tahqiq and referencing of each quotes).

He then explained the description of Al-Istiwa’ (Elevation and Rise of Allah over His Throne) and its meaning from a linguistic viewpoint.

Then he discussed the opinions and arguments of interpreters of the two Attributes of Al-'Ulu and Al-Istiwa.

Then he explained the doctrine of Tafweedh, the history of its inception and its flaw and corruption.

Then he discussed the interpretation that defines Al-Istiwa as al-Istilaa (to take over) and tackled the issue from a historical perspective and determined the date of the emergence of such interpretation.

He concluded the book with a valuable chapter on the theological arguments that the theologians (Al-Mutakallimah) adhered to in denying the Attribute of Allah’s Transcendence, by discussing and invalidating them.

The book is over 900 pages and is a collection of the arguments, suspicions and points of dispute that revolve around this issue. It is also a rich and huge reference for students and researchers in matters of Aqidah. It is a valuable and interesting book that contains many unique legal foundations and good responses, in addition to many linguistic, literary and historical benefits.

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تحفة اليقين في صفة علو الله على العالمين
د. عمار خنفر
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Tuhfat al-Yaqin fi Sifat 'Uluw Allah ala Al-'Aalamin - Ammar Khanfar