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Al-Muqaddimah Al-Qurtubiyyah bi Sharh Sheikh Zarrouk El Bernoussi

المقدمة القرطبية على مذهب السادة المالكية بشرح الشيخ أحمد زروق البرنسي

The poeem on the jurisprudence system in the Maliki school “Al-Muqaddimah Al-Qurtubiyyah” or “Arjouzat Al-Wildan fil Fard wal Masnoun” by Sheikh and jurist “Abu Bakr Yahya Ibn Saadoun Al-Qurtubi (d. 567 AH)”, which consists of 117 verses.

Today, we propose you the poeme enriched with its explanation by the Imam and jurist, the author of many famous books, Sheikh Ahmed Ibn Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Ibn Issa El Bernoussi Al-Fassi known as Zarrouk (846 AH - 899 AH). In his interpretation of the poem, Sheikh Zarrouk listed his explanation of the verses according to the usual arrangement in the books of jurisprudence. In it, he took care of linguistic and idiomatic definitions, branching, benefits, jurisprudential warnings, etc.

One of his approaches is to include evidence from the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and he may also cite poetry, as well as adopting some fundamentalist and jurisprudential rules.

With regard to the Hadith of the Prophet, he often took care of explaining the degree of the Hadith authenticity and mentioned those who produced it from among the owners of Hadith compilations; and it is out of his honesty that if he could not find the Hadith or its original text, he would make it clear and asked the reader to search for it.

As for the sources that Zarrouk relied on in his interpretation, it can be said that he referred to most of important and well-known books of fiqh.

This is an abridged and comprehensive explanation of the five pillars of Islam.

A very serious Tahqiq by a professor of Fiqh from the University of Wahran in Algeria, the poem is verified from 7 manuscripts and the explanation is verified from 3 manuscripts.

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شرح المقدمة القرطبية ليحيى القرطبي
الشيخ أحمد زروق البرنسي
دار ابن حزم
Checking and preparation
د. أحسن زقور
None or a little bit (or only on the Matn)
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Al-Muqaddimah Al-Qurtubiyyah bi Sharh Sheikh Zarrouk El Bernoussi