At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi fi Madhhab al-Imam ash-Shafi’i

التخريج الفقهي في مذهب الإمام الشافعي - محمود حلمي علي

At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi fi Madhhab al-Imam ash-Shafi’i: (At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi is the derivation of practical Shari’ah rulings and what leads thereto by examining the opinions and principles of a given Madhhab’s leading thinkers (Imams).


At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi is one of the most important characteristics of doctrinal jurisprudence. The jurisprudential rulings in each of the schools of the four Imams, may Allah be pleased with them, are divided into two parts: the texts of the Imam of the Madhhab, and the study of methodological principles in the interpretation of these texts of the imams of the Madhhab.

At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi has the credit for the growth of doctrinal jurisprudence since the era of the four founding Imams till now, and if it were not for it, the practice of Islamic jurisprudence would have stopped, and the jurists would not have been able to keep pace with different eras and answer the rulings of newly emerging issues, because there is no absolute, independent Mujtahid, so the effective way for doctrinal jurisprudence was At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi according to what was stipulated and enacted by the founding Imams of the schools, may Allah be pleased with them.

This book is an original and applied study that deals extensively with At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi in the doctrine of Imam Ash-Shafi’i in particular, and shows the role of the Mujtahids of the Madhhab and scholars in dealing with emerging issues that are not stipulated for the imam, explaining the nature of the work of the Imams and scholars and how they derive the rulings on the sayings, according to the texts and principles of Imam Ash-Shafi’i, and their impact on the Madhhab.

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التخريج الفقهي في مذهب الإمام الشافعي
محمود حلمي علي
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At-Takhrij al-Fiqhi fi Madhhab al-Imam ash-Shafi’i