Bawsalat Al-Muslih (The Reformer's Compass) - Ahmed Sayyid

بوصلة المصلح - أحمد بن يوسف السيد

Bawsalat Al-Muslih (The Reformer's Compass), by Ahmed Al-Sayed

Each period of time has its major questions that clarify its most important problems, reveal its most prominent challenges, and point to the priorities to which energies are directed, times are spent, efforts are expended, and lives are exhausted.

If we want to express one question that summarises the major problems that reformers should be preoccupied with at this stage, we will find it very difficult to do so. Because this exceptional, transitional stage came after a sharp decline in the gains of many Islamic projects, which led to the ranks losing their cohesion, and the emergence of a state of frustration and despair. It generated crucial questions related to the feasibility of working for Islam, and even went beyond that to the question about the credibility of Islam itself for some of those who were overwhelmed by despair and frustration.

There are also questions related to the validity of the approach and the parameters of the correct path among the many different Islamic trends, in addition to questions of the present fundamental duty and the work priorities, the best methods of reform, the most important projects and fronts, and other types of questions.

The book comes with a large schema attached, that resume all the process of the Reformer's Compass.

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بوصلة المصلح
أحمد بن يوسف السيد
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