Secularism is the Plague of the Age by Dr. Sami 'Amiri

العالمانية طاعون العصر - د. سامي عامري

Secularism is the Plague of the Age by Sami Amiri, uncover the term and expose the concept.

The message of the book is not to be deceived by the rumours saying that atheism is the denial of the Creator, that the matter is eternal and the absurdity of human existence; this is but one of the aspects of atheism. Rather, from a realistic point of view, it is the least present and the weakest in impact. However, the greater atheism that unexpectedly spread all over the world, and seized the minds of the heedless is the atheism of secularism.

The book seeks to define the linguistic origin of secularism, expose its idiomatic truth, present its painful results, clarify its position with regard to the doctrine of Monotheism, and to remove the adornment of deceit used by the leaders of secularism.

This research seeks to reveal the reality of secularism as a preliminary conception so that the reader realizes its corruption by reason, reality and from an Islamic viewpoint. The author begins with an introduction, then proceeds to talk about the theoretical reality of secularism, the real truth of secularism, secularism in the Islamic perspective, then about the propaganda for secularism, and thus concludes the research.

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العالمانية طاعون العصر
د. سامي عامري
تكوين للدراسات والأبحاث
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Secularism is the Plague of the Age by Dr. Sami 'Amiri