Al-Adillah al-‘Aqliyyah an-Naqliyah ala Usul al-I‘tiqad - Su'ud 'Arifi

الأدلة العقلية النقلية على أصول الاعتقاد - سعود العريفي

Rational textual evidence of the foundations of belief. Among the illusions related to the nature of legal evidence (Ad-dalil Ash-Shar’i) is that it is of a news-transmitted nature only, and this illusion generated a state of lack of enthusiasm for rational sources or evidences (Adillah ‘Aqliyyah) in some scientific circles. This was reinforced by the negative reaction of some schools who gave too much consideration to the rational evidence. They met the state of exaggeration with anti-exaggeration. The truth is that the rational evidence is one of the legal evidence recognized under Shari’ah, as revelation came with rational evidence on legal issues.

This thoughtful and extensive scientific study seeks to reveal the level of acceptance of the rationale evidence for the revelation and to put the rational evidence in its proper place according to Islamic law.

Sheikh Sultan Ibn Abdr-Rahman al-Amiri has stated about this book: “The importance of this book lies in proving that our doctrinal issues are based on solid rational foundations, and in proving that the Qur’an includes those foundations to the fullest. In reading this book, the reader will have a rational output that stands as a stumbling block to some of the claims through which atheistic thought is promoted.”

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الأدلة العقلية النقلية على أصول الاعتقاد
سعود بن عبد العزيز العريفي
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Al-Adillah al-‘Aqliyyah an-Naqliyah ala Usul al-I‘tiqad - Su'ud 'Arifi