Historical Misconceptions about the Holy Quran - Dr. Sami 'Amiri

شبهات تاريخية حول القرآن الكريم - د. سامي عامري

Shubuhaat Tarikhiyah hawla Al-Qur’an Al-Kareem (Historical Misconceptions about Islam) by Sami Amiri


The author has collected the historical suspicions about the Holy Qur’an from the writings of the orientalists, the missionaries and the atheists, in order to provide a scientific referential source in this field, given the frequent repetition of these suspicions on the web that reach the common people in numerous ways, all covered with false reliability.

The book presents the suspicions as they are usually reported by its people with their assertiveness and reliability in the validity of historical claims or understandings of Quranic texts, before responding to them by refuting the credibility of the historical claim or the discredited or preferred understanding of the Quranic verses. The author has opted for a brief and varied response to the suspicions, while documenting every piece of information from its considered scientific perspectives, without elaborating, making the book as simple as possible to the seeker of knowledge.

I hope that this book will contribute to clarifying the importance of taking care of the scripture studies and biblical archaeology for those interested in the sciences of the Qur’an, especially the science of Tafsir (Qur’an Interpretation), as well as for those interested in the study of Oriental Studies. Indeed, most of the orientalist suspicions are based on deducing oppositions after studying the Jewish and Christian heritage, and discrediting the Qur’an in that aspect, either by approving of that heritage’s content by simply disavowing the Qur’an and those who follow it.

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شبهات تاريخية حول القرآن الكريم
د. سامي عامري
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Historical Misconceptions about the Holy Quran - Dr. Sami 'Amiri