Women, between Islam, atheism and Christianity - Dr. Sami 'Amiri

المرأة بين الإسلام والإلحاد والنصرانية - د. سامي عامري

Today, a wide debate is taking place in the world on the topic of “women, their position and their rights”; it has indeed developed into a massive conflict between the upholders of the great worldly visions, in presenting the fair doctrinal and legal value system for the female.

This topic is of particular importance in the Arab world, due to the doctrinal conflict prevailing in the region between the Islamic perception and non-Islamic ones that reject the reference to the Qur’anic creed; be it the vision that rejects the Divine Revelation altogether, which is the atheistic vision, or the vision that offers a religious alternative that its people attribute to revelation as well, i.e. Christianity.

In order to clarify the truth in detail, and to respond fairly to the objections, the author in this book presented the position of Islam, atheism, and Christianity towards women and their rights, based on the fundamentals of these textual or universal visions, while responding to both the scientific and popular objections that are repeated in the atheistic and Christian discourses. The purpose of the book is to reveal the messages of Islam, atheism and Christianity to women, away from any free compliment or biassed distortion.

The book also seeks to provide the female callers to Islam with a comprehensive and detailed statement to help them respond to widespread suspicions.

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المرأة بين الإسلام والإلحاد والنصرانية
د. سامي عامري
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Women, between Islam, atheism and Christianity - Dr. Sami 'Amiri