At-Taqrib wal-Taysir - Al-Nawawi (Ulum al-Hadith)

التقريب والتيسير لمعرفة سنن البشير النذير - الإمام النووي

A book that examines the Noble Hadith terminology, presenting all forms of this science, such as Sahih (Sound), Hasan (Good), Daeef (Weak), Munkar (denounced), Mufassal (detailed), and the Mudallas (Deceitful). It also addresses the numerous hadiths and their rulings, the abrogating and abrogated, the chains of narrators and those whose narration was accepted, as well as the remaining subjects relevant to this science.

In his introduction, the author mentioned that at-Taqrîb is the abridgement of another of his works, the Irshâd al-Hadîth, itself abridged from Ibn al-Salah’s “Introduction to the Sciences of Hadith:

“The science of hadith is one of the best means of drawing closer to the Lord of the worlds, and how could it not be? It is a clarification of the path of the best of creation and the most honourable of the first and the last. This is a book that I have abridged from the book “Irshâd”, itself abridged from the sciences of hadith by the sheikh, the Imam, the meticulous hafiz, Abu Amr Uthman Ibn Abdul-Rahman, known as Ibn as-Salah, may Allah be pleased with him. I will try to abridge it, Allah willing, without prejudice to what is intended, seeking to clarify the phrase, and upon Allah the Most Generous is the dependence and the reliance.”

A superb, high-quality edition, verified from 6 manuscripts, with a beautiful layout and some of the Harakats.

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التقريب والتيسير لمعرفة سنن البشير النذير
الإمام النووي
دار السمان
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At-Taqrib wal-Taysir - Al-Nawawi (Ulum al-Hadith)