Tathir ul-I'tiqaad 'an Adraan al-Ilhaad - Imam as-San'ani

تطهير الاعتقاد عن أدران الإلحاد - الإمام الأمير الصنعاني

Treaty of Aqeedah, specifically the Tawhid written by the Reviver of Yemen, Imam as-San'ani (author Subul as-Salam, 1182H). The author said:

"I have felt compelled to write this book “Tat’hir al I'​tiqad min Adran al-Ilhad” (Purification of the Creed from the Impurities of Atheism) after I have seen and learnt that some people were associating other gods with Allah in many cities and villages, in the countries of Yemen, the Levant, Egypt, Najd, Tihama and all the lands of Islam. It is about believing in the dead and in the living who claim knowledge of the unseen, whereas they are simply people of immorality. Indeed, they do not attend the prayer at the mosque with the Muslims and they are nowhere to be seen kneeling or prostrating to Allah; they have no knowledge of the Sunnah or the Quran, and have no concern about the Resurrection or the Reckoning.

So I felt I have to express my denunciation in forbidding what is wrong, and not be one of those who conceal what Allah has enjoined upon us to reveal, in order to help purify people’s belief."

Verified and authenticated edition with the annotations at the bottom of pages of Sheikh Isma'il al-'Ansari, Abdel Muhsin al-'Abbad and Abdel Aziz ar-Rajihi!

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تطهير الاعتقاد عن أدران الإلحاد
الإمام الأمير الصنعاني
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Tathir ul-I'tiqaad 'an Adraan al-Ilhaad - Imam as-San'ani