Aqidah al-Asha'irah (rebuttal of Jawahir at-Tawhid) - Hassan ar-Ruday'an

عقيدة الأشاعرة دراسة نقدية لمنظومة جوهرة التوحيد - حسان بن إبراهيم الرديعان

The Ash'ari Doctrine: A Critical Study of the Poem Jawharat at-Tawheed - Hassan ibn Ibrahim Al-Radayan

This book aims at clarifying the Ash'ari creed through a book approved by their late scholars, then submit it to the creed of the righteous predecessors to check all the points of agreement and disagreement therein.

The author chose the poem Jawharat at-Tawheed of Burhan Ad-Din Al-Laqani, for its popularity and importance among the later Ash’aris, as it is the pillar of their doctrine, and because of the many explanations and footnotes on it.

This book has several advantages, the most important of which are:

- The author relied in his criticism on a reliable source for the opponents, which is an important matter in critical studies, so that the author is not accused of attributing any statements to them.

- He relied on a late source, which is useful in ensuring the stability of the School of Thought, since the composition of the Jawharat at-Tawheed was at the beginning of the eleventh century AH.

- It carefully covers most chapters of faith, due to its comprehensive analysis of the entire poem and not being limited to some topics over others.

- The reader can feel the objectivity of the author, as he did not expose only the places of error, but rather deals with the places of error and the places of correctness, and where their belief was in agreement with the belief of the Sunnis, he would declare it.

- The author’s method of inference is easy and brief, and his evidence are based on the indication of the Qur’an and Sunnah, without any lengthy analysis.

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عقيدة الأشاعرة دراسة نقدية لمنظومة جوهرة التوحيد
حسان بن إبراهيم الرديعان
دار التوحيد للنشر
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Aqidah al-Asha'irah (rebuttal of Jawahir at-Tawhid) - Hassan ar-Ruday'an