Dalail ar-Rububiyyah (Evidence of Allah sovereignty) - Muhammad Makki

دلائل الربوبية - أبو زيد بن محمد مكي

This book seeks to enable the student to demonstrate the existence of Allah, Almighty, with proof, to refute the misconceptions and suspicions of those denying His existence, ancient and modern, in general, and to establish the existence of Allah in issues of Tawḥīd ar-Rubūbīyah (Maintaining the Unity of Lordship): by providing proof, deducting its status, requirements and outcomes, and explaining its contradictions and shortcomings.

The author has begun by talking about the proof of the existence of Allah Almighty; he mentions among them the evidence of instinct, the evidence of creation, the evidence of precision and perfection, the evidence of specification, the evidence of ordainment, the evidence of Prophethood, and the evidence of noble morals.

He proceeds to discuss the issue of Tawḥīd ar-Rubūbīyah; he defines it, its evidence, its status, its requirements, its contradictions, its shortcomings and its outcomes. Then he tackles the issue of atheism; he defines it, its types, the types of atheists, the reasons for the emergence of atheism in Europe, the stages of the emergence of atheism in Europe, the reasons for spreading atheism in the Islamic world and the atheists’ tools, the reasons for the infiltration of atheism into the Islamic world and its foundations, the effects of atheism on the individual And society, the role of modern science in responding to atheists, and then the position of the Muslim on the issue of atheism and atheists, and thus concludes the book.

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دلائل الربوبية
أبو زيد بن محمد مكي
تكوين للدراسات والأبحاث
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Dalail ar-Rububiyyah (Evidence of Allah sovereignty) - Muhammad Makki