Qanun At-Ta’sis Al-Aqadi - Sultan Al-'Amairi

قانون التأسيس العقدي - سلطان بن عبد الرحمن العميري

Many books have been written on the definition of the Science of ‘Aqidah. Some of them have been marked as introductions to it, but many of these works have not absorbed the basic research that must be met in the definition of the science of ‘Aqidah. Much of what was mentioned in it have not been examined in a way that would help the student rise in the ranks of science and ascend high places of this honourable science.

This book seeks to transcend those problems and focus on the science of ‘Aqidah itself rather than on its issues, collect, as much as possible, the principles of the researches that help define the science of ‘Aqidah, and reveal the most important things that the student needs to know about it.

The studies upon which the structure of the book is based are not specific to the science of ‘Aqidah, but may be related to other legal Islamic Sciences, because it is similar to the basic rules on which the appropriate definition of science is based, so that it is a definition that can help in good perception and accuracy of science. So one of the most important things on which a useful definition of the sciences that leads to its advancement is based: the studies upon which this research is based. 

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قانون التأسيس العقدي
سلطان بن عبد الرحمن العميري
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Qanun At-Ta’sis Al-Aqadi - Sultan Al-'Amairi