Shumu’ An-Nahar (proving Allah's existence) - Abdullah Al 'Ajiri

شموع النهار - عبد الله بن صالح العجيري

The issue of Divine existence is the most visible evidence of man’s infringement and stubbornness towards his Lord. Although the existence of Allah Almighty is something rooted in the Fitrah (innate nature), by which the heart of man grows and his conscience is revived by it; however, the extravagance of the mind drives man away to misguidance and misery.

It may be cognitive ingratitude for the issue of the Divine existence to be placed on the platform of research and consideration, since knowledge, by its nature, is an issue that derives its validity and proof from Allah Almighty, so how can Allah, Glory be to Him, be the subject of research and consideration?

But any reader of the religious controversies, especially in this era, can find a wide hostility between believers and atheists to the extent that innate knowledge has shifted from being a starting point for establishing facts to be, itself, a subject of proof, and, hence, Fitrah has become subject of proof after it was proof itself.

Hence, this book seeks to solve this issue, and to set in order, with its research and contents, proof and evidence active in this controversy, in a style that transcends the philosophical/rhetorical hue to include a development of the nature of the proof and the evidence raised, and the misconceptions that the deniers say about it, which we hope will be an opening for expanding the spheres of consideration and doctrinal renewal.

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شموع النهار
عبد الله بن صالح العجيري
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Shumu’ An-Nahar (proving Allah's existence) - Abdullah Al 'Ajiri