Tahafat al-Mutakallimin - Ammar Khanfar

تهافت المتكلمين - د. عمار خنفر

It is a new study on Islamic theology and the Ahlu as-Sunnah's attitude toward Islamic theology and its followers. In approximately 500 pages, the author discussed the emergence of Islamic theology, as well as the most fundamental grounds on which theologians built their doctrine, issues, and their doctrinal and methodological evidences, as well as the invalidity of those issues.

We find that the topic of Allah's Attributes and the challenges that arise from them is one of the most difficult topics in Islamic religion and history. Schools and sects arose as a result of issues in which faith intersected with philosophy and theology, resulting in deep and profound intellectual confrontations between the Islamic theological school and the philosophical schools.

Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have pity on him, challenged and explained theological and philosophical schools’ fallacies. His publications served as the foundations and pillars of the current school, as Ahlu as-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah academics followed his method and defended correct belief in the face of theological school.

This book represents a continuation of the modern school's approach, but it was distinguished from other works by the strength and originality of the proposition, as well as its independence from the cloak of imitation, which was aided by the author's mastery of logic and philosophy, which contributed to revealing the secrets of the theological approach and demonstrating its falsity.

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تهافت المتكلمين
د. عمار خنفر
مكتبة دار الحجاز
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Tahafat al-Mutakallimin - Ammar Khanfar